Drafts of S.S. Hamchenko’s short report on archaeological research made due to the Archaeological Excavations Permit letters Nos. 270, 271, 272, 273, 319 during 1929. “Short report on archaeological research of 1929 in Ukraine by comrade S.S. Hamchenko” dated by December 30, 1929 with accompanying documentation

The draft of the message sent by S.S. Hamchenko to the Presidium of the AUAC about archaeological researches of1929 in Izium, Shevchenko (Cherkasy region), Shepetivka and Tulchyn regions with indication of the composition of expeditions, draft of petitions of the AUAC to the Izium District Executive Museum and District Executive Museum Archaeological expedition led by S.S. Hamchenko in 1929 in the Izium region and the draft of certificates (mandates) issued by the AUAC to S.S. Hamchenko and interns of the archaeological expedition in the Izium region in 1929.

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